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Independence is Key

We offer a complete line of products and services designed to help you reach new levels of independence.

Our staff are factory trained and industry certified to provide you the level of service you deserve.

We accept most major insurance plans and we service what we sell.

Give us a call today to see how we can help you become more independent.

NEW Invacare Pronto Air Personal Transporter


 Susquehanna Valley Mobility Services
      Because life should be full of moving experiences.
             The Med Group
     1085 Dance Hall Road
     Milton, PA  17847

302 Oak Street
Old Forge, PA  18518
     Phone: 570-246-5300
     Toll-Free: 866-522-5060
     Fax: 570-246-5310

Phone: 570-471-3386
Toll-Free: 877-512-1017
Fax: 570-471-3376


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